Sunday, September 9, 2012

Reviving cancelled shows

I found this blog interesting because I thoroughly enjoy Netflix, Hulu, etc., because they are a great way to watch your favorite TV shows at your own convenience.  In the article, the author questions why Hulu, Netflix, DirectTV, and others consider airing and sometimes even air television shows that were previously cancelled by the major networks, such as Fox for example.  After reading the blog, I have to agree with the author because I can’t see how airing cancelled shows would bring in any revenue for companies such as Netflix and Hulu.  If certain shows were already cancelled due unpopularity with the masses, why would these companies consider reviving them by showing them again?

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  1. I liked this article, too, Andrew. It's interesting to consider why these sites would find it useful to pick up cancelled series--we'll be talking about it more as the semester goes on!

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