Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bastards: The Ultimate Action Film

Keywords: Bastards, Wahlberg, Hardy, Eastwood, Paramount

As an executive at a movie studio, I would choose to greenlight the previously blacklisted movie Bastards.  The movie, written by Justin Malen, is about two brothers, raised to believe their biological father died, find out their mother slept with many powerful and famous men in the 1970’s, and the siblings hit the road to find real father.  The writer intended for the movie to be a comedy, but I would change it to become an action film.  I feel that having the possible biological fathers being dangerous men, such as prominent gang members and drug kingpins, would generate a great action film.  The two brothers would be notorious troublemakers in their hometown due to growing up without a father figure, and on the journey to find their father, they would run into many dangerous altercations such as gun fights, car chases, etc.  I can see Mark Wahlberg and Tom Hardy playing the two brothers, and Clint Eastwood directing and possibly playing one of the potential biological fathers.  Based on these names alone, the movie would need to have a huge budget, and with Paramount financing the movie, this is definitely possible.  I feel that based on this plot, the movie would be quite a bit more successful as an action film than a comedy, and having these already famous actors and director working together on the film would generate tremendous profits, because they have already proven that they can make great action movies.  The movie would practically sell itself, and sell itself tremendously well.      

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