Monday, September 10, 2012

Mobile Devices and Consumption

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Traditionally, people used to listen to the news and advertisements by using the radio, television, and the newspaper. Now day’s things have changed. With new technological devices such as desktop and laptops, smartphones, and tablets, people can look for any type of article and information about whatever topic they want by using the Internet on their device. As written in the article, Mobile Devices and consumption: Signs for Journalism in the United States 77% of adults have desktops or laptops, 44% have smartphones, and 18% have tablets. It is estimated that 70% of people still get their digital news on their desk or laptop, 51% receive their news on smartphones and 56% on tablets. It is suggested that as more and more people get new digital devices. They switch from their desktop to their smartphone or tablet.
            People usually use a search engine to find the news they are interested in if they use a desktop while smartphone users use applications tied with their phones such as Flipboard or Topix. Sharing news has become increasing popular.
This makes it a lot easier for people to look up information on any subject they want, and there has been an increase in the population that reads news articles. Now people are looking at social news by using applications such as Facebook and Twitter. Websites like these also makes it easier for companies to expose and send advertisement to people and get people hooked on their product. 

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  1. The transition to digital publishing due to the advent of the eBook is startling, for sure, and having a tremendous impact on the publishing industries (book as well as newspaper and magazine). We'll talk more about this later in the semester! Thanks for sharing!