Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Music Discovery from the Clouds

  If you're looking for a broad, international selection of great music, then sites like Pandora are the 
answer. Unlike many other "music sites," what i do like about the site is that it seems like it is purely devoted to the music search and discovery. You can type in any artist you'd like and Pandora will actually introduce to you new music based on your previous searches. There's nothing like the feeling of discovering new songs to tickle your ears, which is EXACTLY what Pandora is becoming known for.

  Now, is this bad news for musical artists looking for the dough? Personally, i think it is quite beneficial. There is no real direct downloading from pandora, rather just links that will send you to iTunes, Beatport, etc. The site simply introduces and informs its users. As far as Pandora free listening goes, I really would have a hard time being convinced that sites similar to pandora could be doing anything but helping artists get their music and their name out on the market. In today's world of piracy and illegal downloading, it is really refreshing to see sites like Pandora and Spotify seemingly settling the dust. If you want to learn a little more about sites like these check them out here! :)

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