Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amazon Allow Users to Pay to Block Ads

This article of The New York Times, written by Reuters, was intriguing to me because the commercials on my Kindle, Youtube, Hulu and Pandora are my greatest pet peeves. Amazon has announced that there will be an opt-out feature offered for those who would like to remove all ads from their Kindle Fire tablets for $15. There are technological conditions that apply here; in the past, one would have to read their passage with interrupting ads and had no way of changing that, but due to the new Kindle Fire features and technological advances, this is no longer the case. This has commercial and noncommercial mandates for Amazon because they will making money regardless of what the costumer decides to do about the ads, but in the noncommercial aspect of the advancement, the customers now have an option available to them that may help them better enjoy their literature. This could result in great benefits for both Amazon and Kindle costumer. I'm sure this idea will grow and become more popular throughout other applications in the near future.

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  1. Great topic, and wonderful post, Naomi! You're right that keeping an eye on Kindles (and other e-readers) is crucial for the publishing industry as well as many other industries (not to mention consumers!). We'll spend a day talking about e-readers later in the semester. Nice work!