Sunday, September 30, 2012

Investigation: Digital Advertising

The advertising industry has grown immensely due to recent technological improvements. The rise of the internet helped advertising boom emphatically. Through the web, individuals can advertise on popular pages including search engines, social networks, and along side videos. Digital advertising has become even more successful through targeted ads. These are ads primarily on popular sites for which they are selected for relevance to the content of the sites, and for the demographics of the audiences of such sites. This made it that much easier for advertisers to get their products to their preferred customers. Considering how much society relies on technology this day in age, advertisers are even more interested in digital advertising. Whether it's a pop-up for Viagra on a porn site or the E-text ad in between songs on Pandora, digital advertising is simply becoming more effective. There is, however, a negative perspective on advertising because initially, ads interrupt what we're doing, watching, or listening to. Due to this aspect, there have been successful means which other industries have gone to in order to avoid and prevent ads. You can now get pop-up and ad-block softwares or even pay extra on devices like a Kindle Fire to prevent ads completely. Though, for those who don't feel the need to go out of the way to avoid advertisements, there are nice options on sites like Hulu offering a range of ads to play during the show to keep consumers' preference first. Digital advertisement is not necessarily better than other ways of advertising, but I do think it contributes to the rise of the advertising industry through its convenience, subtelness, and effectiveness.

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