Monday, October 1, 2012

Investigation Digital Advertising

In recent years ever since about 2004, there has been a rapid adoption of the World Wide Web by advertisers and marketers for a method of digital advertising. Also with the new rise in mobile media advertisers are starting to also move their digital advertising views to that so now literally everywhere you go you are being researched and marketed. Increasingly, advertisers are embracing the Internet as a branding mechanism and a vehicle to launch new products successfully.  Internet users have also started to take more control of content creation, as to just reading content like they used to do in the past. Now there are plenty of studies out there saying that online marketing at first was not targeted at the right demographic but thanks to all of the new technological advances this is becoming even easier.  For example Facebook is about to allow ad targeting by email, user ID and phone number for companies so they can better market Facebook users. That alone lets you focus down on such a tiny demographic you can make personalized ads now just for a select group of people.  Marketers have long grumbled about the fact that they have no way of bringing their customer data inside Facebook's walled garden, but the new ad targeting gives them the ability to market to Facebook users who have already purchased products from them. Facebook is just one of the many websites that are being used for digital advertising this is one of the fastest growing trends in business today. There is also a new rise with in the mobile media, advertisers are starting to move their digital advertising views to mobile devices so that now literally everywhere you go you are being researched and marketed. One example is Facebook, it will start testing ads on third-party mobile apps very soon,” launching what is essentially a mobile-ad network that could become a significant player in the mobile-ad market, expected to grow to $4.4 billion in the U.S. in 2013, according to eMarketer.”  “Facebook is working with a number of ad exchanges to deliver the ads on iOS and Android devices for its advertisers, who can still target using Facebook's array of options such as age, location, education and interests.” In my marketing class we wrote a paper about digital advertising and the whole aspect of viral marketing. Now I know viral marketing doesn’t sound appealing but it has the same affect that you would say a viral video on YouTube. You see viral means mass spreading through an Internet community just like a viral video, viral marketing is creating an ad or a group interested in that specific product and get them interested. Again ill use Facebook for my viral marketing exam think about a page that you like, in a more specific case food (I’ll  use chipotle) they have a page on Facebook where there customers can go and put recommendations, thank you letters, questions, and many more. There are specific people that work for these companies that there job is to reply on Facebook and other social media just to keep up marketing. This is viral marketing, getting a following and making them loyal to your brand with constant contact, and from there they spread the word to someone else then those people tell someone else and so on and so forth, thus selling more products. This is just one of the many ways digital advertising is sweeping the business world. I believe that thanks to social media and the new media craze digital advertising is helping America and businesses generate revenue that we haven’t had in a while. Digital advertising works and will continue to get better the more marketers devote their time to studying and doing their market research. Digital advertising is the future of the advertising and marketing division, and as long as there is still a technological trend it will continue to grow and become a staple in our society.
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