Monday, October 1, 2012

Investigation #1: Digital Advertising

As politicians fight over the creation of jobs, digital advertising has expanded opportunities in a rather new fashion.  CLICK HERE.  this article list 50 of the weirdest job titles that have developed via the digital advertising age.  It is not certain whether or not these new positions will benefit or harm the market at this point, because its not necessarily a new job created, just a new title.  But perhaps the shift to a more creative outlook on the industry will boost interest and production.

The Truth About What Works in Digital Marketing
This article answers the question, "Does digital media deliver a better return on investment than TV"
As standard television viewing is being replaced by a digitally streamed media, perhaps it is wise for companies to invest more in digital advertising, than in TV ads.

It seems obvious that targeted ads ought to increase revenue for companies advertising on social media sites.  But how and why does it work? Target Ads. Most young people these days spend a lot of time visiting popular social sites, 'liking' things and frequently visiting certain pages.  This data is accumulated and allows advertisers to put their money into very specific demographics.

Is there an ethical divide in digital marketing? You Don't Need a PhD to Formulate an Ethics Code for Digital
As advertisers develop methods targeting certain demographics, perhaps the privacy of the consumer is in jeopardy.

Maybe the EU is ethically more righteous than us; a new law limits advertisers ability to track consumers' cookies, virtually forcing companies to advertise blindly.  EU Cookie Law Could Be the Death of Digital.
This not only hurts the advertisers ability to target specific groups, it also prevents popular sites from demonstrating their value to the ad agencies

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