Monday, October 1, 2012


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Digital Advertising has become the new wave of the future. Most people’s lifestyles have changed in the last 40 years. They move more often and are interested in different things.  Many are on the go all the time, only communicating with the world through cellphones and tablets. The advertising field has changed from newspapers, 30 second TV and radio commercials, billboards and magazines to the digital world.
In 2011, the advertising digital industry, in the United States, jumped 20.2 million dollars from 2010, going up 16.4% across all the agencies disciplines. Advertising money is being redirected from the TV networks and cable companies to the big digital companies like Yahoo, You Tube, AOL, and Hulu. Moving away from TV has given companies a chance to go after the specific type of client they want and at the right time by using digital advertisement.  
                  There are many applications that advertise and help companies to sell their products, such as the web site, Groupon, what sends coupons for great deals, or apps that allow you to find the cheapest location for a product in your area. Social media web sites, like Facebook, Twitter or Linking allow people not only to communicate with each other but to follow the news. A study done by SocalVibes, found that 94% of eligible voters have watched political advertisements and discuss them with others. SocialVibes discovered that 39% will share it with their friends averaging 130 friends.
                  Gone are the old days of stagnant advertising. Digital advertising is working hard to keep up with the constantly changes and needs to be creative to hold the attention of the users. There are countless new applications that have not even been dreamed about which the business communities as well as the public need open minds. 

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