Monday, October 1, 2012

A closer look at Digital Advertising

  Digital ads have truly evolved after only a small amount of time. In 1987 Apple came out with an add for the all new macintosh which featured an all new hyper-card. The add was simply a grainy static image. Today, the world of digital advertising is growing to the point where advanced targeted adds and layouts are fast becoming popular. Not to mention how many digital adds today are simply just "putting a face" to the product. Justin Timberlake was featured in the add for Myspace's new layout, and i guess you could see he is trying to bring sexy back. The rise of internet has really completely restructured the advertising world. Social networks such as Facebook, Myspace, and twitter have all been mass areas for digital advertising. Some people might even say that the free range we give to these advertisers is a bit too much power, and might even cause some clashes or conflict.

  Recently on twitter, Oreo did a tweet that asked its many followers if they ever sneak in their delicious cookies to the theater. AMC theaters responded with a displeasured tweet that read "NOT COOL, COOKIE". Although this new born rivalry is quite hilarious, it may have some use. After all, AMC has 160,000 viewers as opposed to Oreos' 56,000. Maybe the fact that AMC is having some fun with some "calling out" is what is almost serving as an advertisement itself, which twitter often provides.

  Google has now turned 14, which means they have had 14 years of advertising. What great way to celebrate this other than showing more google commercials! One thing Google has successfully epitomized with search engines is its text advertising next to the search results. Although it wasn't very creative, it definitely proved to work. However even Google has managed to stay with the times when it comes to digital advertising. As the 14th birthday came around Google came out with its own list of its best viral videos, which have really showed us how creativity has became such an important part of the digital world in which advertising is getting quite comfortable with. Google has clearly benefited from these ads, because of their ability to reach many "eyeballs".

  The new Nexus 7 is something that is "intensely advertised by google". In fact, Google has even given the new product its own homepage on google which is very very rare. It seems that Many search engines are picking up on a new product to stay committed to in order to receive a lot of capital from being the primary advertiser. It seems more and more that digital advertising has only just started to creatively master their ads, and it appears that there is no sign of any climax in sight when referring to the power that these advertisers hold.


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