Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Digging Deeper Opportunity: The End of Movie Theaters

Sharon Waxman stated, “The population that is going to the movies less than they used to is clearly young men” and she’s right, the last time I remember going to a movie theater was about two years ago. Things have changed; nowadays we use our computers, tablets and phones for everything. We cannot live without them. This is the new generation. A reason why movie theater attendance has decreased besides the obvious reason of the economy is because the quality of movies has decreased.  This means there haven’t been as many quality movies released in the last couple of years. People like to see movies that are popular and yes there have been a few hit releases but as Joe Picorillo’s said, “there were a lot of other movies that didn’t work”. However movie theaters haven’t given up that easy, a solution that was mentioned for increasing box office revenue included dine-in movie theaters. Which is a good idea because it makes the viewer feel like they are at home. The viewer is able to watch, eat, and relax all at the same time. What the dine-in movie theaters are doing is offering you a service. You pay for the movie you want to watch plus a little extra for the refreshments they bring you. This can generate revenue for the theaters by having pleased their costumers and they keep coming back and production companies by having a steady flow of those people coming back or recommending the dine-in theater to their friends. I find this the most promising idea. 
             I have come up with my own solution for increasing box office revenue. The film industry must to join the technological movement and advance. Each individual production company will be in one web page. In each specific production company web page will be the movie(s) that the production company currently has out in theaters. The consumer would then click to watch the movie and a notification of a payment would pop-up. The payment will be linked to the production company’s account via PayPal. The price would be the same as it is in theaters. However, a way that the price could decrease is if the majority of people who watch movies adapt to this idea. After paying the required price an option of watching trailers will appear instead of having ads. You can choose weather to watch trailers or not too. I believe this idea has the potential to revolutionize the way new movies can be seen in the near future. It simplifies the way individuals watch a newly released movie.  Giving the viewer total control of when and where they want to watch a movie. This idea would not only make it easier for the people to watch movies but also for production companies to generate revenue through the use of computers, tablets and phones. This innovative idea can benefit production companies generate revenues through the web as users pay the price of the movie that they want to watch. Through this the movie industry can keep growing and try to end piracy, at least for a while.

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