Monday, November 5, 2012

YouTube, Fan Practices & Media Industries

YouTube, Fan Practices & Media Industries

DJ Steve Porter’s who is a media producer and a Dj created a video called Tim Tebow - "All He Does Is Win". In this video it brings the issue of Tim Tebow as a professional quarterback and how Tebow’s team is not trusting him to make big plays. Commentators, especially Skip Bayless is seen in this video as one who believes in Tim Tebow’s ability to be a great player. As he states “Let him play” and “unleash”. This video spread very quickly because it was funny, which was a great way to advertise espn, Tim Tebow and Dj Steve porter himself. This type of content if used correctly can help both parties reach a common goal which is that of exposure. Fans should share content as long as its not breaking any of the copyright laws issued by the original property. I think this includes mostly artist. Due to the creativity they want to share with others might break a few laws along the way. However if this creative art helps both the original piece without breaking any copyright laws and helps the new created piece out, I don’t see a problem.

And it works both ways…

An extra example is one of an artist using the voice from a popular youtube video. Which is as Skrillex inserts “oh my god” from a popular youtube video “Fast Cup Stacking” into his song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”.  The song became a huge hit and it gave the video “Fast Cup Stacking” even more hits as people started to wonder where the “oh my god” came from. In the end both benefit and creatie art is created.


Scary Monster by Skrillex:

Roberto Varela

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