Monday, November 19, 2012

Labor Practices in Video Game Design

Nina B. Huntemann, in her article Irreconcilable Differences: Gender and Labor in the Video Game Workplace, outlines the labor controversy between the sexes within the video game industry.  She puts emphasis on Rockstar San Diego's action against unfair treatment of employees and the people who depend on them.  Rockstar Spouse, a lobbyist for these concerns declared “action must be taken to protect the rights of employees and those who depend on them.”  There is apparently rampant unfair treatment of these employees that include, unfair deadlines and work schedules.

 But perhaps these "crunch time" deadlines are a result of the more relaxed liberal model of the workplace.  This style can lead to an increase of creative potential, but as seen here, can lead to seemingly tense situations.  These types of conditions are obviously detrimental to the industry's production capacity, but maybe this limited production is just an inverse correlation of the creative potential.  However, it could also lead to unfinished sections throughout development, which would lower the quality of production.  It seems as though the solution for this problem is to possibly tighten the schedules of developers within the industry to keep them on task and meet deadlines in a timely manner.

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