Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy

     The evolution of the internet has created space for change within the realm of television and its inner workings. Web series are a great example of this. Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy is a popular web series that consists of comic cartoon shorts that are quite unrelated to each other. The series is brought together by no one other than the mastermind who created popular television shows such as Family Guy and American Dad. With having an already established fan base the series was almost assured instant success.
     Two days after the first episode release the series went viral with over 3 million video views earning it the most watched YouTube channel that week. “Seth Comedy” would be hard to see ever make to a television series for a number of reasons. Not only does family guy fill the acquired slots, but it would lack structure simply because there is no real plot or premise. Take a look.
     Interestingly enough this series gained a lot of financial support due to its early hype. Feel free to look at the statistics. Burger King,, and eventually Nike stepped in and sponsored the series, with videos appearing on their official channel. It seems that content that is already proven and recognized makes it easier for viewers to cross over certain mediums like television to the web. The series went on to become available on DVD and Blu-ray. In addition to the 23 episodes released online, 27 episodes were exclusively included on the DVD and Blu-ray release. The Series released uncensored content, which the first eleven episodes had censored. It is important to not that here digitization did nothing but help the web series achieve its success through copying media and organizing it onto a different platform, the Internet. Perhaps we are making a slight shift away from television and drifting more toward "the comfy bubble" that online web series offer. 

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