Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Television off TV: H+

It seems to me that after watching “H+”, web series that are innovative enough are self-confident to substitute traditional TV soon enough. With the quality and creativeness I think "H+" has a lot to say for just being a web series. Traditional web series are still trying to make a name for themselves, from both the business and creative viewpoints.

Some web series are excellent because they are so simple in concept, such as “H+”. Due to being a web series it has to be able to catch the viewers eye quickly. If not the viewer will lose interest and turn it off. "H+" definitely kept me watching. This is a great web series and I feel like I should be watching this on Netflix. Due to the episodes being shorter the story develops much faster. As a viewer, web series differentiate because you quickly get the gist of where the show is going. This is different from a traditional TV series, because you usually have to watch five or ten episodes or even a whole season to know what the show is about and where it’s going.

"H+" could have easily been made into a traditional TV series but after watching it I would not have changed anything about it. There are thirty-six episodes in season one of “H+”, most of them average at about 5-6 minutes. This works well for somebody that has a busy schedule and does not have the time to watch a traditional TV series and still wants to see some TV once in a while. If "H+" would have been made into a traditional TV series it would need more content which mean more money for the episodes to be much longer. It would then reach the mass audience and not a small portion like web series tend to.

In Havens & Lotz they talk about Chris Anderson’s “Free” and how "media industries might reconstruct their economic practices to be more profitable"..."while deriving greater economic value from others” (216). This describes the TV industry in that web series are not as profitable as traditional TV series yet the content is still of great quality. This rapidly growing medium can be referred as its own little "bubble"and maybe in time if web series keep growing they will become more popular than traditional TV.

Bryan Singer discusses his new webseries, H+, and the danger of technology

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