Monday, November 26, 2012

Edgy Media: Family Guy

"Edgy" media is the idea of moving towards the era of more provacative, offensive and less "approved" standardsmof media. Shows like Family Guy, South Park, and American Dad depoct this idea of post-ford modernism. These programs push boundaries in order to appeal to a greater demographic and further expand the range of which mediahas explored. I think that while these texts may seem to divide us by presenting a content that is frowned upon by many, its merely an expression of creativity that should be exemplified for presenting itself against all odds in an era where "everyones a critic."

According to Star Plus. Com, the Parents Television Council deemed Family Guy the worst program for young audiences. They believe that considering this is one of the most popular shows for children, the explicit content should not be aired to such innocent, regardless of how innocent the show may seem its self. Nathan Schmidtke argues in his article The Evolution of Television: is Family Guy Inappropriate, that though Family Guy may hold this childish appearance, the vast majority of the content includes jokes that are far beyond the intellectual capability of any average child. These shows were made for adults to enjoy. The point being that children and their parents should have no concern over the show because the makers of the show have no concern for them. Schmidtke goes on to say "parents' responsibilities are limited exclusively to their ability to decide whether this is a program they would like their kids to view," rather than wasting their time concerning over content that lack any say in. 

This expression of creativity is one that should be looked more highly upon, in my opinion. In a time period where it seems that creativity is being lost and degraded, Seth Mcfarland has rebelled and pushed these creative boundaries in which we've been forced. Family Guy is a prime example of a series containing what I consider quality content and at the same time, going against all odds. Stereotypically, its a raunchy show full of inappropriate content, but I think it unites a greater demographic and has set a huge trend in recent media.

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