Monday, December 3, 2012

Investigation: eReaders & Digital Books

eBooks are the future and the future is now. “According to The Pew Internet and American Life Project about 20% of all Americans have read a digital book in the past year.” The dilemma between eBooks and books lies in their differences of physical and electronic. Both of these options for reading have their advantages in trying to simplify how an individual reads a book.

Advantages of books include being able to share reading material with individuals as well as not having to worry about charging your eBook device. When you go digital, especially for individuals who have been reading books before eBooks were created lose the sense of smell and the richness and warmth that a book has to offer. This cannot be capture if an individual is reading an eBook.
However, not surprisingly, reading while traveling and being able to get a book quickly are two advantages that eBooks have over regular books. The fact that the growing market for the number of eBook readers has increased is because there are more eBook devise than ever. Pew believes this growth occurred is because of eBook devices given as gifts during the holiday season. These include popular eReaders such as Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

Digitization has advanced rapidly which is why I think some individuals are having trouble adapting. This regards mostly individuals aged thirty and above. I do not think there has to be a battle against digitization. For example when we see titles such as "ebooks vs. real books?", an individual should use which ever device (physical or electronic) is better at the time. Digitization should help us simplify tasks and not cause these "battles" between the old and the new.


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